About us

The site of VMF – Vieilles Maisons Francaises (Ancient French houses) has been working for over 50 years and brings well-known experience about protecting and maintaining heritage. It is composed of 3 entities to respond to tomorrow’s issues: an association, a review and a foundation.


The VMF Association

The VMF Association, the biggest association for the protection of French heritage founded in 1958 and state-approved in 1963, contributes to protecting and maintaining the developed and landscaped heritage and constantly intervenes with local, national and European public authorities for this common and often threatened heritage to be passed over to future generations.

VMF rests on a network of 95 department representatives gathering about 20,000 members.
It also offers its members a number of advice and privileges.



The VMF review, the main French heritage review opens up for you the doors of heritage 6 times a year. An important file takes you in the heart of the unknown sites of a department or a town.

It also offers you a route to places to discover and our best addresses to nice houses and castles to rent for receptions, weddings, seminars, guest rooms and hotel-castles.

You will also be attracted to the new reports “Weekend in Europe” which will make you discover the most beautiful towns. The VMF review hires experienced specialists to give you the reading keys for this collective heritage.
An important place is also granted to the debates that stir the heritage world and to the meetings with those who put a lot into its restoration and lead it.


VMF Foundation

VMF Foundation for protecting and enhancing heritage  created in 2009 is hosted by the Heritage Foundation and completes the action of VMF association. It helps restore the heritage in peril, contributes to the achievement of heritage inventories abroad and supports the training of art craft people and restorers.

Since its creation, the VMF Foundation has raised more than 1.6 million euros dedicated to a large array of remarkable monuments. Thanks to the generosity of many donors, it has been able to help more than 60 projects in France and abroad.

In 2013, the VMF Foundation initiated the operation called “Fous de patrimoine”, using the innovative technics of crowdfunding, which encountered an important success. The second season is currently going on.”