Placed between D-day beaches and the Mont Saint-Michel, the Manoir du Mesnil de Bas is the ideal place to discover the numerous tourist wealth of the region. The property, situated near Granville, in 3kms of the sea and framed by wood, will share with you an authentic and restful atmosphere.
The manor house knew how to keep, this undefinable charms houses of the country, steeped in history.
The refine decoration, of this place, shows a discreet luxury; whose comfort can only delight you.

Privé manor Label Fondation du Patrimoine


- Parking
- Park
- Tennis
- Horseriding

Open: all year



Three rooms completed by two small rooms for your children.
- The Red room bears well its name and will suit to the lovers of the old houses .
- The room Siam is provided with a big four-poster bed.
- As for the room of the dairy, situated at the ground floor, it has a bathroom papered with pebbles.
- Finally the rooms of Marthe and Auguste can receive your children if you reserve one of three big rooms).

You will have breakfast in the old kitchen, one of the older parts of the manor house, a place warm and brightened up in the morning or on the terrace and you will relax in the lounge which will charm you by its warm atmosphere and its old furniture.

- 3 bedrooms, Chambre Siam et chambre Rouge: 130 € Chambre de la Laiterie: 100 € Chambres Marthe et Auguste: 40 € (hired with an other room)

- 0 suites


Breakfast : included


- Parking
- Park
- Tennis
- Horseriding


Seasonal rentals


The former farm includes three rooms and a bathroom. You can admire the view on the manor house and relax in the old court transformed into garden.

- 3 bedrooms

3 earsGites de France


6 guests


Low season : Hors vacances scolaires, d'octobre à mars.
- Per week : 500 €
- On weekend : 400 €

Mid-season : Vacances scolaires hors été, d'avril à septembre inclus
- Per week : 600 €
- On weekend : 400 €

High season : Vacances scolaires d'été
- Per week : 700 €
- On weekend : 400 €


Visits, Events

Let's meet in the gardens

Rendez-vous aux jardins 2015

From 2015-06-06 11:00 to 2015-06-07 18:30
Repeat: Yearly

Le domaine s'articule autour de bâtiments anciens, de vieux murs, de petits étangs, de chartreuses, d'un petit bois, d'un jardin secret récent. De nombreux chemins bocages ont été créés pour profiter des ponts de vue sur l'ensemble du lieu.
sam, dim 11h-13h et 14h-18h30



Useful information


- Nearby city: Brehal (1 km)
- Nearby city: Granville (10 km)
- Distance from Paris: more than 180 miles
- Nearby airport: Caen (100 km)
- Nearby station: Granville (10 km)


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