Built in 1656 according to the plans of architect Jean Daret, assisted by the master builders Jean Jauvert and Laurent Vallon and the master plasterer Escursian for the décor.In the large reception apartments two boudoirs, one decorated with paintings, the other with gilt woodwork must be mentioned.
The Hôtel d'Olivary is ideally situated in the heart of Aix-en-Provence, in the Mazarin quarter, near the Place des Quatre Dauphins and the Cours Mirabeau .
This private hotel has been open to visits since 1984 and welcomes you in its lounges and private garden for your private and professional events.

Privé manor Listed as French Monuments Historiques


Weddings, Receptions

Reception areas

Areas at your disposal: Le jardin, Les salons.

Spaces at your disposal: garden, lounges.
The magnificent 700 m² garden à la Française will be the ideal place for your receptions, family cocktail parties or private concerts.
The Directoire lounge (45 m²) is admirable for its 18th century decoration and its Aixois plasters. The Louis XVI lounge (35 m²) has a more intimate atmosphere and the silk lounge (40 m²) will astonish you with its marvellous Lyons silks that cover its walls. Each of these three lounges has a floor covered with red hexagonal floortiles typical of Provence.
The residence has 3 rooms.

The mansion comprises 3 rooms

- Pre-selected catering : As one chooses
- Possible accommodation on the premises : Yes


500 guests


From €245 to €800

Rates for 100 persons, for 8 h:
- the garden: 800 €
- the Directoire lounge: 255 €
- the Louis XVI lounge: 245 €
- the silk lounge: 265 €





3 seminar rooms (total expanse: 120 m²)

3 seminar rooms ( total surface 120 m²)
The 700 m² garden à la Française ,the Directoire lounge (45 m²), the Louis XVI ounge (35 m²) and the silk lounge (40 m²) welcome you for your shows, congress and other company events.


500 guests


Rental is available for a one-day seminar

Rates for 100 persons, for 8 h:
- the garden: 800 €
- the Directoire lounge: 255 €
- the Louis XVI lounge: 245 €
- the silk lounge: 265 €


Visits, Events


From 2014-01-01 12:00 to 2014-12-31 18:00
Repeat: Yearly

Au cours de votre visite, vous pourrez admirer le jardin à la Française de l'hôtel particulier, ainsi que ses trois salons présentant chacun un décor des plus raffinés avec des gypseries aixoises, des soieries lyonnaises, ou des tableaux d'époque.

Visite uniquement sur rendez-vous.


Useful information


- Nearby city: Marseille (32 km)
- Nearby city: Avignon (82 km)
- Distance from Paris: more than 180 miles
- Nearby airport: Marseille (30 km)
- Nearby station: Aix-en-Provence (700 m)


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