The reputation of the Château Sainte-Marie has several centuries, in 1874 Le Feret quoted Sainte Marie with its production of 8 barrels of red and white wine.
Owned by the Abbey de la Sauve Majeure ( one of the oldest abbeys in France, situated 4 km from the castle), this large house suffered from a fire in the 18th century. The 4-century-old redwoods are, with the outbuildings, the last witnesses of Montaigne's time and great journeys.
In the heart of the Entre-Deux-Mers, Sainte Marie has a major geographic situation. The islets stretch on two perfectly sunny hills, among the highest sites in Gironde.
Old vineyards with a controlled production, such as a plot of Sémillon and Merlot over 100 years old, guarantee its excellent quality.
Since 1956, the Dupuch-Mondon family has run the property with passion and determination and the commitment to the characteristics and originality of the land.

Privé manor


- Parking
- Park

Open: Garden free - Castel on booking

Visits, Events

IIe Art

From 2013-07-01 to 2013-08-31

Parcours de sculptures de vingt artistes internationaux dans les carrières, au dessus du parc, de Malans durant tout l'été.



Useful information


- Nearby city: Thervay (2,5 km)
- Nearby city: Pesmes (3,1 km)
- Distance from Paris: more than 180 miles
- Nearby airport: Dole


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