The Abbey wines : a story, a heritage, a discovery...
The Association of Abbey Wines, founded in 2007, gathers today 15 Abbeys and wine-growing Charterhouses, whose private owners exploit vineyards mainly of Cistercian origin.
All these vineyards, inherited from the monks' work, still produce today high quality wines. They can be found mainly in Languedoc and Bourgogne, as well as in Champagne, Loire, Jura, the Rhône Coasts and the Bordeaux region.
According to the rule of hospitality characteristic of the Cistercians, you will be welcomed in these Abbeys, for tasting, a vineyard visit, in gite or bed-and-breakfasts, and restaurants.

Réseau des Abbayes et sites cisterciens Réseau des Vins d' Abbayes


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Open: Depends of the Abbeys
Closed: Depends of the Abbeys

Wine chateaux

The vineyards and the production

The Association of Abbey wines gathers French vieyards with a monastic origin. These history-bearing wines today testify to the wealth and quality of an oenological heritage going back to the 12th century. The wines are elaborated by passionate producers always careful with the quality of their wine.

Our wines

- Property of the Petit Quincy Abbey : Chablis, Cremant, Epineuil, Tonnerre.
- Morgeot Abbey : Chassagne Montrachet 1st vintage
- Château de la Tour : Clos de Vougeot

- Champagne Monial

- Genne Mont Sainte-Marie Abbey : Yellow wine and Arbois wine

- Chartreuse de Valbonne : Côtes du Rhône


- Valmagne Abbey : Coteaux du Languedoc, Grès de Montpellier
- Fontfroide Abbey : Corbières
- Sainte Eugénie Abbey : Banyuls, Corbières
- Monges Abbey : La Clape
- Abbey of the Lagrasse Canons : Corbières
Bénoce Priory : Crémant de Limoux
- Sylva Plana Abbey : Faugères

- Vineyard of the Abbey : Bourgueil

- Château des Antonins : Bordeaux and Bordeaux supérieur

- Beers

The Abbey wines are sold on the online shop and on site in each Abbey.
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Production: Wine, Champagne, Beer

Labels: , Association de producteurs indépendants


Visits, Events

National heritage open days

Offrez des vins pour Noël !

From 2013-12-01 to 2014-01-01
Repeat: Yearly

Dégustez ou bien pensez à offrir en cadeau pour Noël les vins d'Abbayes.


Useful information


- Nearby city: Montpellier (36 km)
- Nearby city: Pézenas (19 km) - Béziers (41 km)
- Distance from Paris: more than 180 miles
- Nearby airport: Montpellier
- Nearby station: Montpellier


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