The castle of Pierreclos of which we don’t really know the story before the 15th century, is born from the fortification of an existent ecclesial enclosure.

Starting from the 15th century, it belongs to the Rougemont. They embellish the exterior and the interior. They rebuilt the burned parts and, furnished, and decorated the rooms with important tapestries.
In the beginning of the 17th century, the Michon became the owner until the French Revolution during which the castle was vandalized.
Since then some families lived in this castle and one of them started construction works in 1985.
Pidault family bought the castle in 1989 and began a huge program of restoration to bring back to life this magnificent testimony of medieval architecture.

Now Pierreclos offers guesthouses, visits, a place for receptions and its famous mines.

Privé manor Listed as French Monuments Historiques


- Parking
- Park
- Shop




The rates are related to a night for two guests.
You will find offers with benefit services:
- Middle-week: arrival Thursday on the evening and departure Wednesday on the morning.
- Weekend: arrival Wednesday on the evening and departure Monday on the morning.

Placed on the first ground of the donjon with independent entrance

- Suite of the Counts (63 m2)
Versailles parquet and French ceiling. XVIIIth mural woodwork bird’s eye on the vineyard and the surrounding country, bed 180x200.
Internet connection, TV, Bluetooth speaker. Bathroom with bath, two washbasins, robes, hairdryers.
Rate: 280€ - middle-week: 598€ - weekend: 825€

- Familial suite Joseph: 2nd floor, bird’s eye on the chapel and the surrounding country
160x200 bed. Internet connection.
It can become a familial suite (43m2) with 1 adjoined bedroom for one to three more persons (3 90x200 beds)
Rate: 155€ - middle-week: 354€ - weekend: 478€

- Familial suite Suzanne (42m2), 2nd floor. View on the chapel, the courtyard and the south patio.
160x200 bed. Internet connection.
Rate: 155€ - middle-week: 354€ - weekend: 478€

- Paloma’s bedroom (31m2), 2nd floor, bird’s eye on the chapel and the vineyard
160x200 bed. Internet connection.
Rate: 155€ - middle-week: 359€ - weekend: 549€

- Anne and Jean’s bedroom (25m2) 1st floor, bird’s eye on the chapel and the surrounding country.
160x200 bed. Internet connection.
Rate: 155€ - middle-week: 359€ - weekend: 549€

- 2 bedrooms

- 3 suites


Breakfast : inclued


- Parking
- Park
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Weddings, Receptions

Reception areas

Areas at your disposal: Castle/manor, Park.

The reception rooms have high quality furniture.

- Tapestries room: round tables up to 160 seated guests for diner.
- Lamartine’s room for a dancing party and/or cocktail if it rains.
- Dolphins’ room, greeting room adjoined to the two other rooms.

Exterior spaces at your disposal: gardens, patios, courtyard, and roman chapel.
- The main courtyard (5 000m2): from the high golden portal to the south patio.
- The south patio (1 000m2): wonderful 180° view on the vineyard and the country with garden furniture. Perfect place for the cocktail.
- West patio (2 600m2), large esplanade with view on the country. Space that fits an exterior celebration or for a firework.

- The choice for the service providers (caterer, DJ, florist, …) is free.
- Equipped kitchen, heating and cleaning included.
- two private parking, illumination of the castle all night long

Possibility to prolong the reception till the day after.
Location of the tapestries room on Sunday: 650€
Possibility of location of additional rooms for the reception
We can greet up to 400-seated guests.

- Pre-selected catering : As one chooses
- Possible accommodation on the premises : Yes

Nearby accommodation

Very high quality accomodation in the castle:
- a 60m² for 2 guests
- a 230 m² guesthouse to welcomes 13 guests
- special entrance for the newlyweds and their guests and a special rate.


500 guests


From €3,000 to €3,900

- exclusive rental of the castle: 3 900€
- special offer for the wedding:
(not including saturday) 3 000€
from November to March: the exclusive location is offered on sunday.
- customised cost estimate on demande for more than 160 guests.


- Parking
- Park
- Shop


Wine chateaux

The vineyards and the production


Production: Wine



Visits, Events

Une visite culturelle et ludique à la découverte du Moyen-Age

From 2015-04-05 14:00 to 2015-09-30 18:00
Repeat: Yearly

Visite non guidée, durée moyenne 1 heure.
Remis à l’accueil : plan du parcours pour les adultes, livret-jeux pour les 7-12 ans.
Activités ludiques pour les 3-6 ans.

Ouverture :
- avril à juin et septembre : mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, dimanche de 14h à 18h
- juillet , aout : tous les jours sauf samedi 10h-18h

Dégustation et vente de vins


Regular rate : 7,5 €
Reduced rate : 5 € de 7 à 12 ans
Group rate : 6,5 € (+ 20 personnes)

Pâques au château

From 2015-04-05 14:00 to 2015-04-05 18:00
Repeat: Yearly

Premier rendez-vous du printemps pour petits et grands.
Déjà au Moyen Age, on offrait des oeufs soigneusement décorés pour célébrer la fin du carême.
L'équipe du château vous invite à venir peindre et orner vos oeufs commme autrefois,
et à participer à l'incontournable chasse aux oeufs dans l'enceinte du site.

National heritage open days

Journées du patrimoine 2015

From 2015-09-20 10:00 to 2015-09-20 18:00
Repeat: Yearly

Visite animée par des membres du Centre de Castellologie de Bourgogne,
qui présenteront leurs premières recherches archéologiques et historiques sur le château.


Reduced rate : 5 €

L'Amour au Moyen-Age

From 2014-05-01 14:00 to 2014-09-26 18:00

Exposition réalisée par la Tour Jean sans Peur (Paris).


Useful information


- Nearby city: Mâcon (12 km)
- Nearby city: Lyon (82 km)
- Distance from Paris: more than 180 miles
- Nearby airport: Aéroport International de Lyon Saint-Exupéry
- Nearby station: Gare TGV Mâcon-Loché (10 min)


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