Between Normandy and Anjou, the manor of Favry, lodged in a greenery background, is an elegant XV and XVI century mansion (in the process of being designated).
This tall fortified and topped with high roof manor meets architectural models of the end of the Middle Ages with million windows, arrow-slits, musket-slits, skylight with large pediment and parapets.
It is composed with a succession of square pavillons and a tower, crowned with pepperpot style slate roof. the plan is symmetrical and its establishment would date back to the XIV century with lord Guillaume of Favry's vestige in 1301.
The west facade is a perfect exemple of military architecture of a defensive, massive, strict and austere watch, contrary to the East facade, more welcoming and elegant.
The mansion has kept all its authenticity.

The professional formation followed by Chantal Mirabaud, fan of houses, gardens and the art of living, is to embellish your daily life by making it more festive. Now she opens the doors of Favry, with the joy to please you in every moment.
Come to discover this magical and exceptionnal place, restaured by the book!

Privé manor


- Parking
- Park
- Shop
- Confort
- Raffinement de la décoration
- Golfs à proximité
- Randonnées

Open: april-october



Chantal Mirabaud will receive you with elegance while reserving a warm and attentive welcome, all days, by booking between 6 and 8 pm.
According to the spirit of family house and to the french art of living, the bedrooms are converted in private appartment and decorated with a perfect refinement of great editors' tissues, beds with canopy for sweet nights, decorated with ancient clothes.
Free access to the garden, lounge-dining-room and library with wifi connection (it is necessary to leave the bedroom at noon, at the latest)

4 bedroom (included parental suite) for 14 guests

- On the groundfloor: "Marquise de Seignelay", about 35m², bed with canopy, 150cm with linen floating hangings, private bathroom, separate WC, direct entrance in the garden and in the library.
Rates: 130€

- On the first floor: 2 bedrooms, entrance in the tower with an oak spiral staircase.
"La Valette", 40m², view on the french garden and on the pasture, bed, 160cm large, bathroom, WC. Muted atmosphere.
Rates: 140 €

- The suite Haute Epoque, 110m², medieval atmosphere with musket-slits, french whitewash ceiling, ancient terracotta tiles, bed with canopy, 160cm large, double exposition on the garden and the pastures, entrance on the large public lounge, about 75m², bathroom with shower and WC.
rates: 160 €

- On the second floor,
- The "Muses", about 30m², bed of 150cm large, with bird's eye view on the french garden, ancient terracotta tiles.
Rates: 115€.

- 4 bedrooms

- 1 suite

selectionné meilleure chambre d’hôtes Figaro Magazine 2016


Breakfast : gourmet - offered

Table d'hotes : Diners cooked by the owner - tasty and creative cooking, inspired by her vegetable garden or local product. Home made recipies, diner or breakfast: from 35€ (wine non included) - gourmet plate: 25€ (wine non included) for 2 guests minimum, 48h beforehand reservation


- Parking
- Park
- Shop


Weddings, Receptions

Reception areas

Areas at your disposal: Castle/manor, Outbuildings, Park, Prairies, Iles et presqu’île, Préaux..

It will be possible for you to take advantage of Chantal Mirabaud's professional skills to organize every event that will be "made to measure".
Get lost in a world of dreams by the wave of a magic wand. She will know how to enthrall your guests that will find enchantment of a fairy tale the time of a night.

- possibility to increase the welcome capacity with the installation of tents, for unlimited guests.
- lunch or diner for 40 guests in the dining room and the adjoined library.20 guests
- lunch or diner under the covered courtyard, 70 guests and for a cocktail 100 guests.

Rate according to the number of guests.

The surroundings are not being watched, the children will stay under parents' observation. no responsibility is assumed if accidents occur.

The mansion comprises 3 rooms

- Pre-selected catering : As one chooses
- Possible accommodation on the premises : Yes


100 guests


From €900 to €2,000

- saturday and evening: 1200€
- wednesday 14h - sunday 18h: 2000€
- "dressing" bedroom with bathroom for the bride, "babypool" library and reception for gifts: 200€ (staff in addition)
- wedding photos and familal photos in the reception room: 200€
- next day brunch in the gardens: 300€
- wedding package: privatization of the gardens, pastures, covered courtyard (about 70m²) from wednesday in the afternoon to sunday 18h, photos on the reception room, "dressing" bedroom, "babypool" library: 2000€


- Parking
- Park
- Shop


Visits, Events

Let's meet in the gardens

Ouverture des jardins

From 2016-04-01 to 2016-09-30
Repeat: Yearly

Dessinés et si souvent imaginés …, guidés par l’esprit des lieux, selon sa propre inspiration...
Un jardin régulier « à la française » ponctué de topiaires, de charmilles et de broderies de buis abrite une roseraie blanche. Le parc bordé de rivière, d’îles et de presqu'iles et d’un potager d’inspiration médiévale, offre des perspectives inédites et des lieux de promenades rafraichissantes.
(le jardin est en cours de classement)
Visite de préférence sur rendez-vous
Aux amateurs de jardin, un circuit est proposé (château de la Rongère, château de Clivoy, château des Arcis, jardin de la Pèlerine, château de Vilaines, château du Lude, Jardin du Mirail, donjon de Ballon, château de la Groirie….)


Regular rate : 6 €
Youth rate : gratuit moins de 16 ans
Group rate : 5 e pour groupe de 10 pers

Pour le plaisir du palais

From 2015-04-01 to 2015-09-30
Repeat: Yearly

Cours de cuisine avec recettes fraiches insolites et onctueuses du potager (nous contacter 72 h à l’avance) ou avec l’aide d’un Chef (minimum 10 participants)


Pour le plaisir des yeux

From 2015-04-01 to 2015-09-30
Repeat: Yearly

Atelier d’arts de la table et de décoration florale (nous contacter)


Cours de taille

From 2015-04-01 to 2015-09-30
Repeat: Yearly

nous contacter

National heritage open days

Journées du patrimoine

From 2016-09-17 10:30 to 2016-09-18 19:00

Visite intérieure de la salle à manger, du salon et de la chambre haute époque, charpente 2° étage.
Visite extérieure des jardins.


Regular rate : 6 € (visite manoir + jardin)
Reduced rate for VMF members
Youth rate : gratuit pour les moins de 16 ans
Group rate : 5€ pour groupes à partir de 10 personnes
Let's meet in the gardens

Rendez-vous aux jardins 2015

From 2015-06-05 10:30 to 2015-06-07 19:00
Repeat: Yearly

La façade sud-est du manoir du XVIe s. regarde les parterres réguliers bordés de buis et ponctués de topiaires. Le long de la rivière, dans un potager, « hortus ménagier » conçu dans un esprit médiéval, légumes et herbes aromatiques s'associent aux fleurs et fruits palissés, selon une composition vouée au chiffre 4. Des gloriettes de saule rythment les clôtures d'osier tressé.

visite guidée vendredi à dimanche 10h30-19h (toutes les heures)


Regular rate : 5 €
Youth rate : gratuit pour les moins de 16 ans
Group rate : 4 €

Useful information


- Nearby city: Laval (30 km)
- Nearby city: Angers (77 km - 1h) - Le Mans (76 km - 50 mn)
- Distance from Paris: from 120 to 180 miles
- Nearby station: Sablé-sur-Sarthe (15 km)


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