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Visite recommandée par la revue VMF

From 2014-05-05 to 2015-05-31

À la fin du XIIe siècle, Aliénor d’Aquitaine donna à son saucier et fidèle serviteur Robert
les terres des marais de Rouellé-la-Haute-Chapelle. Au XVe siècle, la famille Doynel y fit
bâtir un château, dont subsiste une remarquable porte monumentale (XVe-XVIe s.), en grès
armoricain paré de granit, couverte par un toit à l’impériale. Elle est encadrée par
deux tours rondes percées de meurtrières et coiffées d’un pavillon carré à pan de bois
couvert par une toiture en forme de carène renversée. Il existait, à l’arrière de cette
porte-châtelet, un second manoir (XVIIe s.) qui a disparu. La Saucerie constitue l’un des derniers témoignages de maison forte médiévale des bocages de l’Orne.


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- Nearby city: Domfront (3,7 km)
- Nearby city: Bagnoles de l'Orne (22 km)
- Distance from Paris: from 120 to 180 miles


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  1. Steve Murray 7 July 2016

    Although the turning from the main road is signposted you have to go past a farm that might lead you to believe you’ve made a wrong turn. Persevere! You eventually get to a dirt track which immediately opens to a small parking area in front of the Manoir gatehouse itself. I arrived in mid-July and was the only person there. Totally tranquil and idyllic, there are a few outbuildings which probably function as tea-rooms and/or storage for maintenance equipment. There is a board in the tunnel of the gatehouse outlining the EU funding received and spent. Sadly the back of the roof is just roofing felt at present (July 2016). Let’s hope they get some more funding because the front looks lovely with what appear to be shingle tiles. Take a picnic and some cold Cidre for an escape from the 21st century beside a really unique building.


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