Terms and conditions

For the ads under the headings Weddings, Receptions, Seminars, Seasonal Rentals, Guest rooms and Charm hotels

 1. General principle

The ad is put onlin within 24 to 48 hours ( from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm) after its contents ave been made valid by the VMF administrator and its payment is effective. The VMF shouldn’t be held responsible if the time limit is extended in case of a technical incident beyond our control. In that case, the ad will be published accordingly.

2. Text of the ads

The text writing of the offer will be left to the announcer’s appreciation. However, the VMF reserve the right to refuse an offer whose character would not correspond to the spirit and vocation of the association and to correct, or reorder the text for it to be better understood.

Furthermore, the VMF deny any responsibility as to the contents of the published offers, and to the possible consequences which could result.

3. Payment

An offer is payable in cash, by cheque, or debit card, as soon as its contents have been made valid by the VMF administrator. Payment by debit card is considered effective when agreed by the payment centre. The offer is then put online according to the timelimit in Article 1. The announcer receives confirmation of his/her order and payment by e-mail.

4. « Information Technology (= IT) and Liberties » clauses

According to the clauses of the IT and Liberties law of 6th January 1978, you have a right to accede, modify, delete data that concern you and at any given time, you can ask the VMF in writing not to put your personal data at our partners’disposal.

5. Repayment

After an ad has been put online, it can’t be repaid.

The ads under the heading Visits-Activities are free of charge. The online terms are similar to those in paragraphs 1-2 and 4 above.